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Academy of Arts

Academy of Arts is municipal higher educational institution the 1-st accreditation level subordinates the Department of Culture and Tourism of Kyiv Regional State Administration, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine which has more than 80 years of experience in training specialists for culture and art branch.

Since April 2010 the academy heads the Honored Artist of Ukraine Romanchyshyn Vasil Grygorovych.

The academy has only highly qualified teachers. Among them 68% - the highest category specialists, 2 bachelors of science, 2 education high achievers of Ukraine, 22 teachers - methodists and 6 senior teachers, 15 teachers have honorary titles in the field of education, culture and art.

Today the academy trains junior specialists in full-time and correspondence forms of education at 5 specialties and 8 specializations (certified and licensed in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine).

More than 50% of students study on the state order.

The educational establishment has all appropriate conditions for successful students learning and teachers work: the equipped classrooms, the gymnasium and assembly hall, the wardrobe room, the computer classroom, the training studio of sound recording, the library (the library holdings have almost 25,000 copies of educational, musical literature, fiction). It has cafeteria also.

At the academy work creative groups such as the folklore ensemble "Onuky Polyanski", the folk song ensemble "Roksolana", the ensemble of folk song "Ne zhurys", the brass band and the folk orchestra, the Academic choirs "Nadezhda" and "Formanta", the bandura players’ ensemble, the folk dance ensemble "Molodoshchi" the folk-rock band "Kyyevychi", the variety (pop) ensembles.

The Academy is also the basis for Kiev regional youth public organization "Studkontsert."

Students and academy graduates win yearly at prestigious international, all national and regional festivals and competitions.

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