The song "Kyivshchyna"

Honored Artist of Ukraine
Director of the Kiev regional school of arts and culture



"It will be"

(Muz.D.Biryukova, sl.Yu.Rogozy)
Performed by teacher specialization "Estrada"
winner of international competitions and festivals, pop singers

Vitaly Tomnyuk and folk theater song "Faino" (Bila Cerkva)

"Quiet Water"

(Ukrainian folk song in S. Kuznets process)
plays the winner of the All-Ukrainian competitions and festivals, a graduate specialization "Estrada"

Alina Dzendzik. 


(Muz.D.Biryukova, sl.O.Konanenka)
plays the winner of the All-Ukrainian competitions of solo pop
Musical specialization "Estrada"

Jaroslav Kvasha.


(Muz.G.Tatarchenka, arranged by M. Drik, folk words)
Singer Honored Artist of Ukraine, teacher specialization, "Estrada"

Olexa elm. 

"Oh violinists play"

 Vocal and instrumental composition
Performed by folklore ensemble "Grandchildren Polanski" is composed of the
amateur group "Roksolana" folk music "Do not worry".

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